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On January 24th 2005, at Maidstone Crown Court, Colin Barden PLEADED GUILTY to a number charges listed below:

Case 1
1 count of "Attempting to Obtain Services by Deception" - 2½ years
2 counts of "Obtaining Property by Deception" - 2½ years
5 counts of "Obtaining Services by Deception" - 2½ years
3 counts of "Evasion of Liability by Deception" - 2½ years
1 count of "Theft" - 2½ years

Case 2
1 count of "Obtaining Services by Deception" - "To remain on file"
1 count of "Fraudulent Trading" - "To remain on file"

Case 3
2 counts of "Obtaining Money Transfers by Deception" - 2 years
2 counts of "Making False Instruments" - 2 years
2 counts of "Using a False Instrument" - 2 years

Sentences unfortunately to run concurrently so he effectively only got 2½ years.

Originally, sentencing was set for 25th February 2005 pending "Psychiatric Reports", was postponed again until 11th March 2005 and again till 1st April 2005, then again till 29th April 2005 and finally until Friday 13th May - Unlucky for some !!!!

Colin attempted to get out of a custodial sentence by claiming that he is a "manic depressive" who was "only trying to gain the acceptence of his peers" !!!! In other words he was trying to say that he isn't really a CONMAN that people should AVOID, but in fact is unwell, needs help and does not deserve to be locked away where he can do no harm and wreck peoples lives and businesses.

Medway Messenger - Monday 16th May 2005
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Medway Messenger - Monday 15th August 2005
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Colin was residing in ELMLEY PRISON on the Isle of Sheppey.



Colin contacted me TODAY (Sunday 19th October 2014)
Here is his email to me.....................

----- Original Message -----
From: Colinb (
To: contact (at)
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2014 11:46 PM
Subject: Re :

After taking advice from the police and legal advice from counsel, as my sentence is now spent I am intending to commerce legal proceedings to have the website removed as they are abusive and objectionable. I also will be asking for damages since November 2013 and court costs.

Well. Colin. Nice to hear from you !!!!!
GUESS WHAT ? I'm not bothered !!
Why ? Because the information on this page is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN anyway.
There are no laws forbidding me from posting it which, as you took legal advice,
I am sure you are aware of anyway :-)

Also, for the general public's information, Here's a few more things about Colin.

He contacted AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL a few years ago to try to get them to
take this site down. HE FAILED.

His FACEBOOK page is
COLIN RICHARDSON ? Another alias Colin ? TUT TUT !!
Remember Facebook policy is to CLOSE DOWN pages with FAKE NAMES.
According to Facebook, he is now living in Poulton le Fylde and is associated
with MANCHESTER GAY VILLAGE. Watch out up there guys. DON'T TRUST HIM.

His About.Me page can be found at


Don't fuck with me or I will contact the Police Fraud Squad about your latest scams.
Did you think that would go unnoticed ?
What happened to your website by the way ? Did you forget to pay the bill or did the
FSA or whatever they are called now order you to take it down ?

Oh by the way. I have contacted friends in Manchester & Blackpool to keep an eye out for you.
People need to be warned.

Oh. One more thing Colin. Did you know your FAMILY have been in touch with me as well
and they are GLAD that I put this website up to warn people about you ?


This made me Laugh !!!

If nothing else Colin, you have a sense of humour !!.

colin Barden

Entrepreneur, Financier, Member of #teamgay, Minor Philanthropist and generally a good guy.

Knott end on sea
Joined November 2010



More information as it comes.

Come Back Soon.

The owner of this site (not Colin !!) can be contacted at
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